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Burgundy is sometimes regarded as a complicated wine region - wrongly so if you approach it correctly.

Perhaps it takes a little longer to get to know Burgundy. But it is a wonderful time!


Leave your car or your bike behind for a while. If you're on foot, you'll see more and you can get to know Burgundy's terroir in the truest sense of the word on a walk through the mosaic called "Climats de Bourgogne".


The cultural diversity of Burgundy is closely interwoven with its wines and wine has made Burgundy history. I would like to show you this long history, written in vineyards and cellars.




Discover winegrowers and wine cellars that are not in every travel guide and that look forward to your visit. Some restaurants also offer special wine picnics or wine menus.

Here you will already find a few addresses...


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There is always something going on in Burgundy's wine land